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  • ParcelMap BC is the single, complete, trusted and sustainable electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in British Columbia. This particular dataset is a subset of the complete ParcelMap BC data and is comprised of the parcel fabric and attributes for over two million parcels published under the Open Government Licence - British Columbia. Notes: 1. Parcel title information is sourced from the BC Land Title Register. Title questions should be directed to a local [Land Title Office]( 3. The ParcelMap BC Parcel Fabric is expected to eventually replace the [Integrated Cadastral Fabric](

  • The Service BC Office Locations is comprised of all Service BC locations in the province. These offices provide front line support for many of the hundreds of programs and services the provincial government offers to residents, businesses and visitors.

  • The BC College Region Boundaries are administrative areas for Colleges within the province of BC. They are generally named for the largest university/college in the region.

  • The Geographic Feature Code Catalogue contains codes and definitions for geographic features captured and mapped by various BC Government Ministries, which are responsible for their definitions. These codes (fcodes) are embedded into geographic data to mark them, as an aid to integrating data from many sources. (WHSE_CORP.CORP_FEATURES)