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    Long-term freshwater quality data from federal and federal-provincial sampling sites throughout Canada's aquatic ecosystems are included in this dataset. Measurements regularly include physical-chemical parameters such as temperature, pH, alkalinity, major ions, nutrients and metals. Collection includes data from active sites, as well as historical sites that have a period of record suitable for trend analysis. Sampling frequencies vary according to monitoring objectives. The number of sites in the network varies slightly from year-to-year, as sites are adjusted according to a risk-based adaptive management framework. The Great Lakes are sampled on a rotation basis and not all sites are sampled every year. Data are collected to meet federal commitments related to transboundary watersheds (rivers and lakes crossing international, inter-provincial and territorial borders) or under authorities such as the Department of the Environment Act, the Canada Water Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy, or to meet Canada's commitments under the 1969 Master Agreement on Apportionment.